Why theCore

Users don't care about Servers, VPSs, Droplets, Instances or Containers.
They want "living" applications hosted everywhere!

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What is theCore

TheCore is built on a container-based revolutionary cloud agnostic and multi-location architecture. Unlike working with clusters or virtual private servers, containers allow a super lightweight partitioning of the operating system into small isolated spaces (or microservices) where applications can safely just "live". This is similar to what Google App Engine and Heroku is doing, but with Industry 4.0 features and super optimized to run WordPress. This ecosystem can isolate resources perfectly while making it easy to scale the entire infrastructure. Single website vulnerabilities poses no risk to other sites in the ecosystem or even to the user's other sites.

At theCore, we believe that traditional hosting solutions where the final user has to choose between cloud providers, types of hosting and hardware characteristics makes no sense. Developers don't care about VPSs, servers, droplets, instances, containers. They want living applications that can "think" where they should be hosted at, and just move there.

Other features

Our Architecture is composed from the Edge which is actually the only part that connects to the public internet. The Edge has a built-in by design rocket-fast Varnish cache for every site. It improves dramatically page load times and helps sites go through traffic spikes with no problem. The Edge also handles the HTTPs Termination and is dynamically load balancing every request to the Container Pool.

The Container Pool is where all the stateless containers are living. These containers are executing the code of all sites. These containers are provisioned by the platform like an "autonomous AI bot" with no human interaction.

For the Database, the platform uses a Percona Xtra DB cluster which is a constantly horizontally scalable grid and a specific customisation tool set which provides a great performance.

At the end there is the Disaster-Proof Distributed Core File System where are the files are living.

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