Powerful WOO features that do the work for you

So you can spend more time growing your business with WooCommerce


WooCommerce Speed

Our custom server-level cache is tuned for WooCommerce cart and pages. It is language independent and caches to speed up both the journeys of logged in users and guests. Our cache is “smarter” than our competitors, compatible with existing caching plugins and with no need for additional app configurations.

Automated Backups

Daily automatic & on demand backups allow you to easily restore one or multiple WooCommerce sites in case something goes wrong. Your sites are safe at theCore.

WooCommerce hosting infrastructure

Servers, VM, instances, CPU, RAM etc. are words no longer in your vocabulary, let us handle all sysadmin tasks for you. We safely host your websites on a solid container-based platform, using load balancers, smart handling of PHP-FPM workers, use of latest versions, custom cache and more.

Managed Security

Secure infrastructure, daily backups, DoS protection, hardware firewalls, malware scanning, complete store isolation, and a free SSL (+HTTP/2 support) make sure your site is secure and live 24/7.


Free account & staging

Sign up for free with your email and get immediate access to theCore dashboard and a free staging environment. No credit card required! You can start building a WooCommerce site right away.

Clear workflows

No matter if you are an experienced developer, a team behind an agency or just another curious soul experimenting with WordPress and WooCommerce, our dev & live environments will help you work as a pro from day one! We made “push to live”/”pull to dev” workflows and collaboration access straightforward.

Localised images

When creating an app choose the country your WooCommerce will operate in and have your local settings automatically configured for you. Your localized Shop will have location, currency, main pages with titles in the respective language and popular payment gateways taken care of.


Automated Functionality Check

Activate your automated Health Checks, sit back and let us monitor that your WooCommerce Shop, Product, Cart, and Checkout pages are working properly. If a test fails we immediately notify you first, so you resolve any issue before it reaches your customers.

Managed Updates

Safe automatic plugin & theme updates for each website allow you to manage and maintain multiple customers in less time.

Live Logs

You get Live error and Access Logs per WooCommerce site, with all necessary details for inspection and action.