Powerful WOO features that do the work for you

You won’t believe what theCore can do for your WooCommerce sites…

theCore Features

Woo Speed Booster for
blazing fast eCommerce

Did you know that customer attention span runs well below 8 seconds? Achieve super fast speed when visitors browse and checkout on your store thanks to our server-level custom cache designed for WooCommerce. No need for caching plugins.

Automated Woo Testing
(Awesomeness alert!)

Our automated Health Checks constantly test your WooCommerce Shop, Product, Cart, and Checkout pages are working properly, ensuring you eShop is functional 24/7! If a test fails you immediately receive an email from us.

Next level WooCommerce
hosting infrastructure

Downtimes disappoint and cost $$$, we make sure your WooCommerce is available at all times! Sites are horizontally distributed and running in more than one locations. Infrastructure is a smart “living” ecosystem of lightweight containers, working under its own decisions.

Your Woo developer mission control.
Copy that!

You get a clear panel through which you can monitor your apps and automated processes, or manually perform actions such as enabling health checks, creating staging environments, adding sFTP users, checking smart logs and more. New features are added every day.

Stay protected & hacker-free
with the right partner

Managed updates will automatically keep your WooCommerce store secure at all times. We do not perform critical updates automatically, but provide you with all the right tools to help you ensure everything will work fine! In addition, DoS protection, hardware firewalls, malware scanning, complete store isolation, and a free SSL (+HTTP/2 support) make sure your site is secure 24/7.

Localized WooCommerce Images.
Build for the world!

When creating an app you can choose the country your WooCommerce will operate in, and have settings and payment ways automatically set for you. Your localized Shop will have location, currency, main pages with titles in the respective language and popular payment gateways taken care of.

Industry 4.0 Philosophy

Forget “Hosting”. Your site is now “Living”

Words like server, VM, instance, CPU, RAM, region etc. are no longer in our vocabulary Modern agencies and owners need application oriented hosting, so that is what we offer them.

Machine Learning Monitoring

Log files are monitored in real time & automatic reactions are scheduled in the infrastructure layer. We do it differently, because no plugin will help when your site is under attack. Trying to stay protected from DoS, brute force, or other attacks using WP plugins?

12-Factor Philosophy

We take care of everything by using the 12-Factor App Methodology. We manage every step (and choosing the correct services that do so) taking care of aspects of your app like Concurrency and Disposability so you can focus on writing good code.

Multi layer isolation

We use resource isolation for memory, disk, CPU, and other server resources. This means that process and memory-level isolation are effective for all site processes, from PHP to Logs and MySQL, while making it easy to SSO or scale or deploy fixes across the platform. A single site vulnerability poses no risk.

Development Features

Multi PHP

PHP versions (5.5, 5.6, 7.0) and Engines (Mod_PHP, PHP-FPM, HHVM) can be switched per application transparently, on the fly, and without downtime.

Dev Staging Environment

Staging environment with its own database, file system and URL. Test everything before you go live.


Access all sites with one centralized SFTP account or create one for every site.


Get Live and downloadable daily access, stderr and stdout logs per site.


Database Management with the use of phpMyAdmin and a web browser.

Custom PHP

Custom PHP configuration tuning (max memory, max execution time, library path etc).

WooCommerce tuned

Smart handling of PHP-FPM workers on every WooCommerce and cart integrity tests make sure that everything is speeded up.

You can count on us

Free migration

No matter where you host your website, we will migrate it to theCore free of charge. That’s what friends do.


For every website hosted with theCore, you get a free SSL! Feel secure at all times.

Pre-installed payment options

We did the research for you and created localised ready images for major countries. With a click you get the payment options (shipping options coming soon) most loved by customers in every country!

GDPR/EU compliant

We are compliant to the new GDPR regulations regarding the protection of personal data. You and your customers have nothing to worry about.