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Our support team is available 24/7 and it consists of WordPress professionals active in local and global WordPress and WooCommerce community dedicated to help and make WordPress and Woo better, every WordPress or Woo related issue will be forwarded to the dedicated team in WP or Woo so an issue can be globally resolved. You probably met some of them on WordCamps and meetups across Europe and US.
We are considering our users’ friends, so you will never hear from us “I’m sorry for the inconvenience our technicians are working on it.” because that is not the way to treat friends, that is the automated message from ATM. It sounds way better to have the conversation more like “Hi John Doe, I just checked what’s going on and it seems that your active theme is not compatible with WooCommerce after the latest WooCommerce update. From what I can see the file single-product.php is causing error messages. I just checked and the theme is not at WordPress repository so we couldn’t update it automatically. Could you try contacting Theme Developers or looking for a newer theme version that should have this incompatibility fixed?

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If you buy a live website plan except the Lemonade Stand, you’ll get for free one full staging. You are also able to buy as many staging plans as you like for just 10$/mo. Full staging is equal to live website plan and it only doesn’t come with health checks and scheduled backups but only on demand since we believe that is more useful to backup your staging website after you finish some work than backing it up automatically.
Any staging is recyclable and you can pull any live website to it or build the new one there. When you’re done just push it over existing live website or to new one.

By selecting Free staging for the first time or after reset, you’ll be asked for what to install there and default WordPress install information. You can select already localized WooCommerce installation or default WordPress. Pre-packaged Woo installs are coming not only with language preset but with specific payment options for the specific country, we are planning to preset shipping options as well. Hassle-free install all day long.

Free staging is coming with some limitations, of course, like deactivated backup download and number of backups to keep, collaboration tool and DB Export. However, we are not limiting any resources or storage space except if we discover exploiting staging environment. While you are using it to build a website, we don’t mind for an amount storage used. Before we ban your free staging environment, you will receive the notification and if you think we are wrong just contact support and we will investigate what caused the pre-ban notification.

Both Free and paid staging are password protected and hidden from search engines so no danger of having products, posts or pages indexed before go live. While you are logged in, a website is accessible and you can give access to your clients or co-workers.

After your awesome website or a webshop is done, simply click “ Push To Live “ button, buy new live website plan, add your domain and in a minute your webshop is live. Take care that you might need to buy a live plan at least day before push because of the DNS propagation which can take from 5 minutes to 24 hours and it doesn’t depend on us.

We are offering the platform with the specific toolset that every webshop owner, web professional or an agency needs.

theCore strive to provide easy creating, maintaining and hosting multiple Woo or WordPress websites in one GDPR compliant place.

After logging in, you are landing on the Dashboard where you can see all websites you’re running on theCore. By clicking on any, you will end up on the single site dashboard.
In the upper right-hand corner, you can see your e-mail and gravatar photo, clicking on it will open the drop-down menu with My Account and Logout option.

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My account tab is the place where you can edit all account information, add or remove credit cards, change a password and see your current monthly cost for theCore with the cost breakdown as well as overcharges if there are any. You can also create the clients’ list to send billing and invoices directly to them and the list will be populated by adding a new client over checkout page.

We are also thinking about shops that might not need some huge traffic or storage plan but you would like to have some features which are coming with bigger plans, no worries about that, you can buy as an add-on any feature available and traffic for 1$/1000 visits. You can find the full pricing information HERE

Free accounts are free forever and they are coming with one limited staging environment. We decided to offer value-based pricing model  with the nice price range from Lemonade Stand 15$/mo up to Mall for 250$/mo and just 10$/mo for staging that we find very useful when you are making some code changes or updating premium plugins or themes without risking of breaking your’s or client’s live shop that can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention stress and client’s distrust caused by the incident. From staging, you can push everything to live with one click not wasting any time and then use the same staging to work on another website by pulling it also with one click, so one staging can be more than enough for more live websites and its safe maintenance. More about pricing HERE

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Different plans are coming with different features and the only plan where you can be overcharged is the Lemonade Stand for traffic over 5k visits. For all other plans, monthly visit limits are just there to remind you and us that your webshop is generating more traffic and it would perform better on some bigger plan. We are not here just to take your money but to help your business, take care that your webshop is showing great performance and let you know when to switch to a bigger plan because statistics show that all money saved on hosting is getting lost in a webshop revenue due to numerous customers leaving your webshop just because of the bad performance.

We are offering 4 different live website plans, Lemonade Stand for 15$/mo, Store for 30$/mo, Market for 100$/mo and Mall for 250$/mo. If you need more than a Mall plan, there is always an Enterprise plan fully custom from resources to the price, just tell us what you need. And for more details visit our pricing page.

Sure thing, you can connect as many cards as you like and one of them will be marked as default. On every purchase, you will be offered to move on with default or to select or add another one.

If you need more than we offered with our plans, there is always the Enterprise plan for high traffic, huge storage or any other specific demands you or your clients might have. Get in touch with us to set up the best environment for your needs and negotiate the perfect fit price.

To get a discount on theCore there are two ways, the first one is buying the yearly plan and another one is spending more on the monthly basis. We are not offering bulk plans but the value based discounting or simply spend more to pay less. You can check full pricing HERE

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