Performance is king

Performance is very important when choosing a platform, so every aspect of theCore is optimized and tuned to deliver the best response times possible.

Performance Attributes

Every provider will say their service is the fastest, the most secure and scalable. But here is what really matters so that you can determine which is right for your needs.

Page load speed: Search engines consider loading times as a factor for page ranking, while bounce rates are decreasing by good speed performance. Not to mention the increasing engagement with your visitors.

SSD-Backed Infrastructure: SSD-backed infrastructure is the best choice for your hosting plan and will accelerate your database performance instantly.

Caching: The speed of your site is highly related to your caching technologies. Edge caching tools like Varnish will dramatically improve performance by serving browser requests from memory rather than from disk. With a Varnish reverse-proxy edge, you make sure that when many anonymous visitors try to access your website, requests first hit the cache and are served from there if it is possible. This way the page is served from memory immediately, than waiting to be served from disk. Also, when the page is served from the cache, the request doesn’t even need to touch PHP or the database, so it reduces overhead.

Redis or Memchached are also accelerating all internal operations through distributed application object caching. This is accelerating the dynamic page generation and the logged-in UX. The database is the biggest bottleneck and causes the most performance issues so a good application object caching solution allows these to be re-used and can improve both scale and performance.

Uptime: You don’t want any downtime on your site, since it is also a ranking factor on search results. By distributing your application using containers in multiple datacenters, downtimes can’t really affect you.

Extreme MySQL Tunning: Our distributed Percona Xtra DB grid service is tuned to decentralize your application and to maximize query performance and data integrity, at the same time.

Scaling is an important performance feature for your site as your traffic grows. First of all, you will want to know whether your provider will scale your site and how. The migration to a new server is a slow and dangerous solution, with even some downtime.

All of the above are very important when choosing a solution. Even with all performance tricks included by design, we know that no website is the same to another. With millions of plugin compilations, the smallest element of your application can significantly affect the performance of your site. So when it comes to performance we always take a closer look, because everything (from the provider, to the PHP runtime, to the database, to the OS) can be customized to offer a better user experience.