Why managed Woo for Woo and why not WordPress hosting?

Why managed Woo? By answering this question, we will more or less explain how Woo is functioning and why it’s so important to host your website on the platform specifically designed and developed for Woo.

WooCommerce is?

As we all know Woo is the plugin which extends WordPress basic functionalities and it converts your WordPress website into powerful web-shop with many additional add-ons to extend basic functionalities even more such as Stripe and PayPal easy integration, shipping, warehouse and the website stock sync etc.
With all these add-ons and extensions over the WordPress basic functionalities, it does make sense that more resources are needed to run Woo properly.

WooCommerce WordPress
WooCommerce WordPress

WordPress managed or any other hosting can’t do the trick?

Exactly, every hosting prepared for WordPress supports WooCommerce or any other plugin of course but that is just not enough to run your webshop hassle and stress-free. What is the most often offered as WordPress hosting?

  • Automatic Updates
  • Automatic Backups / Daily
  • Speed optimization by caching or CDN
  • The limited number of visits and space
  • 24/7 Support

Why do we need more than this?

First of all, the majority of managed WordPress hostings are with limited plugins that you can install and which have a blacklist of plugins that you can’t install so you will have to check if one of your favorites are in that list.
The second is caching that you can’t change since it’s on the server level and it is handled by the hosting provider, therefore, you can’t set the caching that WooCommerce demands, in case you should exclude some pages from caching:

  • Cart
  • My Account
  • Checkout

For Varnish it should be done in this way:

if (req.url ~ "^/(cart|my-account|checkout|addons)") {
return (pass);
if ( req.url ~ "\?add-to-cart=" ) {
return (pass);

Also, the Varnish configuration might not work with WooCommerce because cookies might affect Varnish coding:

Add this to vcl_recv above "if (req.http.cookie) {":

# Unset Cookies except for WordPress admin and WooCommerce pages
if (!(req.url ~ "(wp-login|wp-admin|cart|my-account/*|wc-api*|checkout|addons|logout|lost-password|product/*)")) {
unset req.http.cookie;
# Pass through the WooCommerce dynamic pages
if (req.url ~ "^/(cart|my-account/*|checkout|wc-api/*|addons|logout|lost-password|product/*)") {
return (pass);
# Pass through the WooCommerce add to cart
if (req.url ~ "\?add-to-cart=" ) {
return (pass);
# Pass through the WooCommerce API
if (req.url ~ "\?wc-api=" ) {
return (pass);
# Block access to php admin pages via website
if (req.url ~ "^/phpmyadmin/.*$" || req.url ~ "^/phppgadmin/.*$" || req.url ~ "^/server-status.*$") {
error 403 "For security reasons, this URL is only accesible using localhost ( as the hostname";

Add this to vcl_fetch:

# Unset Cookies except for WordPress admin and WooCommerce pages
if ( (!(req.url ~ "(wp-(login|admin)|login|cart|my-account/*|wc-api*|checkout|addons|logout|lost-password|product/*)")) || (req.request == "GET") ) {
unset beresp.http.set-cookie;

All of this should be done, but you can’t because there is no access to files where rules can be changed.

Even some basic functions like reset password might not be working due to the My Account page being cached, some hosts with server-side caching don’t prevent my-account.php from being cached.

This is how we make your life easier

    • Automated Daily Backups/Restore
    • Health Checks

and we are not checking if the Woo pages are up or down and is it 200 OK response or some error code but we are checking if the Woo pages are functional or not. There is a high possibility that WooCommerce plugin is not working or there is some conflict on your website but the specific Woo pages are up and running, the response is 200 OK but you can only see the Shortcode on a page instead of seeing the shop.

Cart Page
Cart Page









200 OK but Cart is not working and our health check will know it.

  • We are checking all important pages so you can go fishing while your clients are safe.
  • Access and Error Logs so every developer can check directly from theCore dashboard if something is not working correctly.
  • SFTP Accounts and SSH
  • PHP MyAdmin
  • One-click login to WP Admin
  • One-click Push and Pull across all of your websites
  • Members “Collaboration Tool”
  • And custom caching for high performance

We would really like to tell you more about caching but our dev wizards are jealous and they want to keep our custom caching as a secret, however, we can clone your website to theCore for FREE so you can compare current performance score with the one on our platform.

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