Your support is 24/7 or?

Our support team is available 24/7 and it consists of WordPress professionals active in local and global WordPress and WooCommerce community dedicated to help and make WordPress and Woo better, every WordPress or Woo related issue will be forwarded to the dedicated team in WP or Woo so an issue can be globally resolved. You probably met some of them on WordCamps and meetups across Europe and US.
We are considering our users’ friends, so you will never hear from us “I’m sorry for the inconvenience our technicians are working on it.” because that is not the way to treat friends, that is the automated message from ATM. It sounds way better to have the conversation more like “Hi John Doe, I just checked what’s going on and it seems that your active theme is not compatible with WooCommerce after the latest WooCommerce update. From what I can see the file single-product.php is causing error messages. I just checked and the theme is not at WordPress repository so we couldn’t update it automatically. Could you try contacting Theme Developers or looking for a newer theme version that should have this incompatibility fixed?