What is Free staging?

By selecting Free staging for the first time or after reset, you’ll be asked for what to install there and default WordPress install information. You can select already localized WooCommerce installation or default WordPress. Pre-packaged Woo installs are coming not only with language preset but with specific payment options for the specific country, we are planning to preset shipping options as well. Hassle-free install all day long.

Free staging is coming with some limitations, of course, like deactivated backup download and number of backups to keep, collaboration tool and DB Export. However, we are not limiting any resources or storage space except if we discover exploiting staging environment. While you are using it to build a website, we don’t mind for an amount storage used. Before we ban your free staging environment, you will receive the notification and if you think we are wrong just contact support and we will investigate what caused the pre-ban notification.

Both Free and paid staging are password protected and hidden from search engines so no danger of having products, posts or pages indexed before go live. While you are logged in, a website is accessible and you can give access to your clients or co-workers.

After your awesome website or a webshop is done, simply click “ Push To Live “ button, buy new live website plan, add your domain and in a minute your webshop is live. Take care that you might need to buy a live plan at least day before push because of the DNS propagation which can take from 5 minutes to 24 hours and it doesn’t depend on us.