How to prevent the cart abandonment

It’s no secret that cart abandonment is the biggest headache for webshop owners- so, for you too. A significant amount of money will just go down the drain if you don’t do something as soon as possible! That’s why we thought that it would be a good idea to help you figure out why your customers leave your eShop just before their purchase but also to share some tips on how to prevent this situation.

Why customers abandon cart anyway?

Why people spend so much time on your webshop, put some effort to find products they need, add them into the cart and then just go away? This is the first most important question you need to solve. The second one is why they are not coming back to complete their purchase. You probably think that their come back would make sense, but… it doesn’t and we’ll give you a few examples why.

The very first reason for the cart abandonment is a distraction before checking out. Imagine that your customer is at home taking care of kids or in a train traveling back home from work, or maybe is having a short break at the office but needs to move on with her/his tasks. They will probably never finish the checkout process and that is why you should send a reminder.  It’s not hard to bring them back by sending abandon cart e-mails automatically just 60 seconds after abandonment! One recent survey says that more than 10% of cart abandonment emails opened are clicked and the customers come back at last.

But in many cases, this kind of e-mails do not work and below you may find the reason why. What customers have replied to the question “why do you abandon your cart”, in several reliable researches, are enlightening:

  1. High shipping cost has the highest impact (44% of customers)
  2. Want to buy those products but aren’t ready to purchase at the moment (41%)
  3. They found the same product for the lower price (25%)
  4. They saved products for later purchase (24%)
  5. Shipping costs are not clearly explained (22%)
  6. No guest checkout option (14%)

Issues mentioned above are the ones that you should fight against and fortunately, it is not a hard task.

What can you do?

How to 1 and 5: Since customers note the shipping twice, we can assume with certainty that it has the biggest impact on the cart abandonment. If you charge for shipping, you should rethink about it. The best practice is to offer free shipping instead of huge discounts since it’s proven that free shipping is more attractive!

How to 2,3 and 4: We have bundled Abandoned Cart plugin into your Woo Installation and you can easily create an e-mail to remind your customers that they have products in their basket and their cart is waiting for checkout. Don’t be pushy but don’t hesitate either. Ping them occasionally with carefully crafted e-mails that show you care first for them, not for your earnings.

Your great first step towards the webshop with the preinstalled and pre-set abandoned cart plugin can be signing up for theCore by clicking HERE.

How to 6: Guest checkout option is easy to set up in WooCommerce and it allows your customers to:

  1. Place orders without an account: Customers are able to check out without having to create an account. Orders will not be tied to a user account in WordPress.
  2. Log into an existing account during checkout: This displays a login form and prompts on the checkout page if the customer has not already logged in.

Wrap up

By following the steps mentioned above, chances are high that you will increase your revenue, whether your shop is a small one or a huge one. And this will happen not because of the one purchase alone that you did not miss. The most important thing is that you kept this customer. It’s something that lets you expect more orders from her/him especially if your product has recurring payments like subscriptions etc. Do multiplication!

Good luck and keep in mind that we are always here for you! Our aim is to offer helpful guidance, share best practices and provide the best experience for your eShop and it’s customers.


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