Here’s our 2018 in review!

2019 is here for some weeks now, but we haven’t yet stopped to share wishes, goals, and our memories of the year we left behind. After all, it’s useful and constructive to take a glance backward before moving passionately to the future!

So, let’s talk about 2018 at theCore. To be honest, it was a blast, as we went to many interesting conferences, meetups, workshops. At some of them, we were not just attendees but we contributed as sponsors, organizing members, or speakers, too! Ready to learn more about all these?


theCore crew started its journey in March at Cloudfest Global (ex WorldHostingDays), held in Germany. It’s the world’s number-one cloud conference and the right place to be if you want to get a glimpse of what is coming in the hosting industry. We couldn’t have missed that, of course. We were there among other colleagues from Enartia! Enartia is our parent company, that through its wonderful brands enables people to go and succeed online: Papaki is the flagship brand, followed by Top.Host and theCore.

WordCamp Europe

Next was WordCamp Europe that took place in June, in Belgrade! It was one of the biggest WordCamps ever held and we are very proud that Aleksandar, one of our team members, took part as an organizing team member.

The weather was not good but the conference was awesome. Some talks grabbed more attention, such as the one of Davide Casali known as Folleto, for example. Foletto talked about the inner team communication and the positive feedback impact on teams (we took notes). Also, the speech of Noel Tock was one of the most outstanding, as he talked about the WordPress future and what is missing in the multi-million industry built around WordPress. Tock validated that theCore is the right product at the right time!

Besides the interesting talks, the event had delicious food (Serbian food rocks, says Aleksandar) and was followed by an unforgettable party. Around the place there were all of us, wearing theCore t-shirts. Did you spot us?

WooCommerce Meetup

Just a day before WCEU, there was the WooCommerce Meetup which we sponsored! Aleksandar took part as a lead organizer while Marianna Siouti, our Product Manager, attended so as to share some insights about the product field. She also gave tips about how to be productive, not just busy.


WordCamp Skopje

In October, theCore sponsored for the first time one of the WordCamps in the Balkans area: WordCamp Skopje. Aleksandar contributed as a mentor as well as a speaker. It was a great experience! For us, at theCore, it’s extremely important to support and contribute to the community that makes WordPress better every day.

Romania & Bulgaria

Two weeks after the WordCamp Skopje, Aleksandar gave a talk in WordCamp Bucharest about the Agile culture and how to sustainably scale up. We got precious feedback from the community, there was a lot of buzz about the approach presented and some edgy but true thoughts.


Aleksandar also talked about the same topic, with some new insights added, at WordCamp Sofia, about a month later.

WordCamp US

In December, it was time for WCUS. We decided to attend and just talk to all our friends from WP Community and especially to those that we missed in Belgrade for WCEU! We had many fruitful conversations, and a great time attending parties as well as the contributors day.

Due to our good mood, we decided to make a fun video with some WordPress friends, inspired from the fact that the WCUS was this year organized under a lot of buzz and controversy coming from the IT world, because of the roll-out of WordPress 5.0. So, we asked them a simple (oh well) question: “ What is the next big thing for WordPress?” and here is the answer from our product manager Marianna.

The cherry on top!

Just a couple of days before WC Thessaloniki, we attended in Athens the e-volution awards, a well-known event which honors the best practices in Greek e-commerce and entrepreneurship. There, we received a bronze award, for our Managed WooCommerce infrastructure. We are very proud of all the teams contributed to this success, and most importantly we feel confident that we are heading in the right direction and also that we are holding a strong position in WooCommerce and WordPress hosting services!


WordCamp Thessaloniki (Opa!)

Last but not least, we attended WordCamp Thessaloniki, organized by the Greek WordPress community. Greece is Enartia’s home country so we ended 2018 by coming back home! There were lovely people (gotta love Greeks, says Aleksandar), awesome talks and of course our welcoming booth full of gifts and smiling chatty (in a good way) Enartians 🙂 Should we mention that Greeks also have fantastic food and drinks?

So, that was our 2018 in a few words. We should admit that the opportunity of being a part of the multicultural and open IT community such as WordPress, is a blessing!

Before booking our future tickets, let us share one last thought with you: there is no possibility to leave such an event, without having learned something! Even if you don’t attend every talk on the schedule, you gain knowledge by meeting interesting people or listening to their experiences.

Oh, and If we missed something or someone, please feel free to comment below 🙂

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