A better way to Host & Manage WooCommerce sites

The 1st Managed Hosting platform tuned for WooCommerce. Blazing fast speed, automated updates & testing, localised payment options, dev friendly.


Why theCore?

theCore is the 1st dedicated, autonomous & GDPR-ready hosting platform for WooCommerce, the eCommerce open-source solution powering 41% of online stores worldwide. Our solution is ideal for professionals and agencies who want an integrated solution on WooCommerce site building and maintenance. Build smoothly, collaborate efficiently, update instantly, run and test live your WooCommerce sites.

Container-based Ecosystem

TheCore is built on a distributed, horizontally scalable ecosystem with no single points of failure.

High Speed Edge Ecosystem

No need for caching plugins! Fine-tuned edge varnish cache 100% transparent to your application.

Machine Learning Monitoring

Log files are monitored in real time and automatic reactions are scheduled in the infrastructure layer. We do it differently - no plugin will help when your site is under attack.

Grow with your WooCommerce

Run today the WooCommerce of tomorrow!